Quick Look: Work Opportunities in the Columbus Region

The Columbus Region is made up of the city of Columbus, and surrounding counties - 11 in total. Our economy is diverse, which is a pretty unique and good thing. It means that no single sector or industry rules the landscape, and there are work opportunities all across the board.   Major sectors that really…
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Quick Look: Columbus Region Agbioscience Industry

Columbus Region Agbioscience Fast Facts There are more than 1,600 businesses and 10,000 unincorporated farms in Central Ohio 51,530 people are employed in the agbioscience sector within the 11-county area Agbioscience accounts for $17.7 billion in economic output, 11 percent of the regional economy Value-added output per employee is $74,491, higher than the national average…
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3 Things To Do After Your First Week of Class

Congratulations on completing your first couple weeks of class! No matter if you are a Freshman just starting your college career or you are embarking on the last leg of your academic journey, putting on your thinking cap is always an adjustment. We decided there are 3 productive things you can do now that everyone…
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