Video Program Editor at BusTown Music llc.

Expires October 26, 2013

We are seeking 2 creative videographers/video editors to Shoot, edit, and produce monthly live music events into an original multimedia video program for online viewing.


Your responsibilities include: 

  • Operating digital video equipment and associated computer hardware and software to support video production.
  • Evaluating, selecting, and assembling effective footage shots into coherent whole feature episodes.
  • Unifing all of the elements of story, dialogue, music, sound effects, sound replacements, visual effects, rhythm, graphics, and pace of an engaging episode.
  • Trimming episode segments to specified lengths and reassemble segments in sequence that presents story with maximum effect.
  • Utilizing editing equipment to insert music, dialogue, and sound effects.
  • Reviewing assembled edited footage on screen or monitor and makes corrections or changes (as needed)


  • We have a simple event in november 2 & the first saturdays of every month (7pm- 9pm): $15/hr for shoot + $50 to edit.
  • The other is a monthly fashion program with some store owners on high: $15/hr for a 3-5 hr shoot + $100 to edit. 
  • Our live concert shoots are $15/hr for a 6-8hr shoot & $200 for editing. 
BusTown Music:

This is a Part-time internship offered for a term of More than 6 Months

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