Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator at Teen Start Inc.

Expires October 19, 2013

The primary job responsibility of the Teen Start Community Outreach Coordinator is to increase the capacity of services provided to youth and youth serving organizations in Franklin County.


The TEEN START Community Outreach Coordinator position warrants an individual who possess the following characteristics: Self-confidence, Initiative, Open-mindedness, and capability to navigate multiple complex situations in community environments. The individual will work well with and in groups regardless of age, race, class, country of origin.




Description of Duties:

v  Coordinate efforts of Youth Advisory Board

v  Identify and partner with local youth serving organizations and city agencies and departments.

v  Develop and maintain communication with a broad coalition of youth serving organizations.

v  Coordinate meetings, forums, and events.

v  Perform grant writing and support fundraising for youth programming

v  Facilitate youth participation in a collective decision-making processes.

v  Help youth groups identify solutions to issues that are realistic, with attainable goals, and promote wider youth involvement throughout the city.

v  Integrate youth organizing with long-term, community-driven policy change efforts.

v  Secure linkages with community agencies, schools, and alternative school to provide workshops on subjects relating to the objectives of the work plan.

v  Monitor program participation.

v  Assist in monthly collection of data and report preparation.

v  Maintain a list of contacts, addresses, and phone numbers and establish an updated mailing list of current contacts.

v  Participate in agency-wide program and activities, as well as, collaborative efforts with other agencies and networks.

v  Participate in program evaluation for the purpose of assessing programs success and improvement needs.

v  Other duties as assigned and required.



This is a Part-time internship offered for a term of 3 to 4 Months

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