Market Research Intern at Efficiency Smart

Expires May 8, 2013

Job Summary: (What is done and why.)

This position will be responsible for market research assistance and benchmarking analysis to support the following objectives:

  1. To investigate and verify energy efficiency opportunities across Efficiency Smart member communities in strategic MUSH market segments (Municipalities Universities Schools and Hospital).
  2. To contribute data to support Efficiency Smart’s community re-enrollment efforts.


Essential Functions: (Majority of duties, but not meant to be all-inclusive nor prevent other duties from being assigned as necessary.)


  1. Ensure key milestones of the benchmarking process are completed thoroughly and successfully.
  2. Collect, analyze, and ensure accuracy of energy data obtained
  3. Develop and maintain a database of key points of contact across all communities and markets for retrieving pertinent benchmarking data
  4. Use software appropriately to track and maintain data

5.      Develop a capstone internship experience presentation to present to Efficiency Smart staff highlighting lessons learned, successes and an assessment of the forecast of the energy efficiency industry in the Midwest.

  1. Actively participate in internship program ad hoc experiences,  programming and Efficiency Smart community and outreach efforts

Knowledge and Experience: (Minimum education, experience, technical and communication skill levels and licenses/certificates normally required to perform the duties of this position.)

  1. Strong personal commitment to the mission, vision, goals and values of Efficiency Smart.
  2. Currently enrolled in higher education as a rising graduating senior or graduate student majoring in an applicable area of study
  3. Has reliable transportation and resides in the Central Ohio vicinity
  4. Excellent Microsoft Office proficiency (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access specifically).
  5. Strong work ethic, dependable, detail oriented, well organized, and able to prioritize competing priorities and deadlines
  6. Self-starter, ability to work independently with minimal supervision and as an effective member of a team.
  7. Effective verbal and written communication skills, able to communicate clearly and succinctly.
  8. Ability to learn quickly to work with in-house custom software and Energy Star Portfolio Manager


About Efficiency Smart

Efficiency Smart™ is a program of energy efficiency services offered to a network of public power communities that are members of American Municipal Power, Inc. (AMP). The goal of the program is to assist residential, commercial and industrial customers in lowering their power bills by installing energy-efficient equipment and systems. This also helps keep power bills lower for participating communities by reducing energy usage now to avoid higher priced power in the future.

Working Conditions: (Typical working conditions associated with this type of work and environmental hazards. If any, that may be encouraged in performing the duties of this position.)

Internal- Work is normally performed in climate-controlled office environment, where exposure to conditions of extreme heat/cold, poor ventilation, fumes and gases is very limited. Noise level is moderate and includes sounds of normal office equipment (computers, telephones, etc.). No known environmental hazards are encountered in normal performance of job duties.

External- Normal functions do not routinely require travel.  Occasional events may involve lifting, distributing and disposing of energy efficiency materials.  Travel to special events and/or off site meetings required periodically.

Physical Demands: (The physical effort generally associated with this position).

Work involves standing and walking for brief periods of time, but most duties are performed from a seated position. There is potential for eyestrain from reading detailed materials and computer screen. Deadlines, workloads during peak periods and changing priorities may cause increased stress levels. Work may include occasional pushing, pulling, or carrying objects weighing up to 40 pounds such as files, documents, and computer printouts. Work normally requires finger dexterity and eye-hand coordination to operate computer keyboards at a moderate skill level. Repetitive motion injuries may occur. Company will provide adaptive devices as needed.

Schedule: Full-time, 37.5 hours for approximately 10 weeks.

Pay: $15 per hour

Please email resume and any supporting documents to to apply.

This is a Full-time internship offered for a term of 3 to 4 Months

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