About Columbus Internships

If you're looking for an intern with fresh ideas for your company or an internship to advance your future, this is the place. ColumbusInternships.com connects college students with local employers offering internships to strengthen the Columbus business community.

Research shows that connecting college students to meaningful internship opportunities increases the chance that they will stay in our community after graduation. By strengthening the connection between our 20 local colleges and universities and the Columbus business community, we are creating a mechanism where college students can obtain meaningful internships with local employers.

The Columbus Chamber has created ColumbusInternships.com to facilitate connections between the incredible educational institutions and businesses within Columbus region. Our region boasts a young, well-educated, diverse workforce that is nearly 1 million strong.

But what sets them apart is not their numbers. It's their attitude. Columbus-area workers are not just skilled; they are filled with that incomparable Midwest work ethic. That means as an employer, you don't just get good work; you get hard work. And, with more than 100,000 students attending local colleges and universities, there's a skilled workforce just waiting for you. As a job seeker looking to work in the area, you'll be working along side a quality team at some of the world's largest and most respected healthcare, retail, utility, financial services, and research firms. Plus, we're a hotbed of small businesses supported by entrepreneurial spirit.