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Made in America...actually Hilliard


The News

Lasers are big business in Hilliard, where Laserflex Corporation has decided to stay, and expand – spending $2.7 Million dollars to expand their facility and add 30 employees over the next few years.

Columbus 2020 Press Release

What do people do at Laserflex Corporation?

If you ever needed to do something with metal, Laserflext would know exactly how to do it. Laserflex “fabricates” metal so that customers can use the metal in their projects or products. Laserflex chooses the right method or technology based on the customer’s end goal for the metal. Choices include laser cutting, welding, forming, machining, or finishing.

Some people who work at Laserflex need to be experts on metal (as in, will it melt? Will a particular method even work on that type of metal?); others need to be experts when it comes to communicating with customers and helping the customer get exactly what they need. And, experts (welders, cutters, fabricators, machine operators) need to actually work with the metal – or fabricate it.