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7 Ways to get through the rest of today if you can’t sit still until the First College Football Playoff National Championship game

You’re at work or in class (welcome back students) and you can’t focus because the Buckeyes are playing the Ducks tonight at 8:30 pm. Who can blame you? Your excitement and energy have to go somewhere…Here are a few things to get you through today.

1.)    Watch ALL the hype videos.

Spread them out throughout the day if you need, use each hype video as reward.

You went to class: hype video time.

You bought the books you need for this semester: hype video time.

You got through your emails at work: hype video time.

You started an assignment already for your MWF class: watch 2 hype videos.


2.)    Pretend that things on your to do list are ducks, and you’re going hunting.

dot the i

This may be a stretch,but we are trying to kill time here people.


3.)    Listen to TBDBITL on repeat.


ICYMI: There is a Playlist on Spotify called TBDBITL.


4.)    Bring it up in every conversation that you have today, because how can you not?


This will also kill a lot of time if you are at work. Or maybe you can distract your professor enough to just talk football.


5.)    Start an OHIO chant in your office, or class!


Nothing says spirit better than spelling out our great state!

6.)    Follow the #BeatOregon tag on twitter because you will find gems like this:

(also your twitter/Instagram feed is probably blowing up anyway, so you should just stay on top of that)

john legend

John Legend just won a Golden Globe and he and his wife are Buckeye Fans #winning


7.)    Hydrate and Carb up: You’re going to need your energy for the 8:30 kickoff, start preppin Buckeye Nation.

 buckeye candy


Go Bucks! We’re coming for ya Ducks!