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Yun Strength and Fitness Systems, LLC




Started the company in October 2007 to help bring Columbus real training and nutrition information that gets results. Encompasses Fitness Bootcamps, Metabolism Makeover Nutrition Course, online training, ebooks/dvds, newsletters, personal training, and sports training.rnrnYun Fitness Boot Camp:rnThis is the main offering my company offers. Started s in July 2008 as an alternate to the expensive personal training and the slowing economy. Everybody seems to love it and the camps keep growing in size month in and month out. rnrnBootcamp is an intense group class that involves circuit training, weight lifting, cardio all into one for the best fat burning and muscle building workout you can get. rnrnrnMetabolism Makeover Weight Management Nutrition Course:rnFirst taught this course in January 2009. I found it through the supplement company I recommend Prograde Nutrition. I wanted to bring it to the public because it offered the exact same things that I do with my nutrition. It offered a lifestyle not a diet. And that's the most important aspect when getting your weight under control forever. It's a 12-week course that I plan to turn into a DVD program later this year.rn