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United Way of Central Ohio


360 South Third Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215


Using 90 years of experience coupled with in-depth research, United Way of Central Ohio has developed a comprehensive, integrated plan with specific goals and proven practices. Because people usually need help in a number of different areas–not just one–our community needs an effective, coordinated way to help people that makes the most of limited resources.Our plan focuses on improving lives and strengthening our community by helping individuals care for themselves and by changing conditions that give rise to local problems in the first place. It takes a strategic approach to fight poverty and create opportunities for everyone in central Ohio.With the help of community leaders, United Way-funded agencies, and experts from business, government and human services, we focus our efforts on four interrelated building blocks for a better life: Education, Income, Health and Home We are all connected and interdependent. We all win when a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable, when people are healthy, and when everyone has a safe and decent place to live. By rallying people around a shared sense of purpose, we can direct our time, efforts and funds to the programs that best address local issues. We can direct our resources to where they will make the most difference in the lives of people who are struggling in our community. It takes all of us, working together, to create a brighter future for central Ohio. - See more at: