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OPENonline, LLC


1650 Lake Shore Drive, Suite 350

Columbus, Ohio 43204

[email protected]

Founded in 1992, OPENonline is a powerful business-to-business employment screening and investigative research tool that delivers valuable information about applicants, consumers and corporations to thousands of companies and professionals across America. The national public records and proprietary information available through OPENonline's flexible, user-friendly web-based search and delivery system gives businesses the power they need to validate reported information and uncover unknown facts quickly and easily, any time the need arises.rnrnCustomers include large corporations and professional organizations, as well as smaller businesses and sole proprietors. Professionals in human resources, financial and legal services, as well as investigators in security and law enforcement, rely on OPENonline for immediate availability of critical information so they, with confidence, can make sound, well-researched business and employment decisions.rnrn