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rn-What's the best way to invoice my new client?rnrn-How do I share documents?rnrn-What about backing up my files? rnrnYou're not alone. Many entrepreneurs and small business startups ask the same questions... and more. We're here to help you with the "How do I ....?" question when it comes to your startup by providing the largest collection of web-based tools and apps for your startup business.rnrnThat's why we created a group of Internet entrepreneurs (GrooveJob, DOmedia, and Sandbox Coworking are just a few of our many projects...) we obsess over the latest and greatest tools and web-based software for small business and startups. We've quite literally have searched, used and evaluated thousands of web-based tools and software for small business and freelancers so you don't have to.rnrnRead more: Apps and Tools for Startups | Tools for Entrepreneurs | Apps for Freelancers | rnUnder Creative Commons License: Attribution