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geoAMPS is a rapidly growing, independent technology company which creates and markets industry specific solutions to manage critical information in a single online platform using a suite of connected and disconnected products. Powered by experts in both technology and land management, geoAMPS solutions are unique and industry leading in terms of comprehensiveness, configurability, pricing and speed of deployment.rnrngeoAMPS has an impressive track record with several successful implementations and a growing reputation in the information technology industry for being a partner and not only a software provider. A key reason for our success is that the geoAMPS solutions is flexible and robust, but more important are the people behind geoAMPS. Everyone at geoAMPS takes ownership in the company working to create the best product available while crafting meaningful relationships with customers. rnrnPowered by an underlying framework that was developed over a ten year period geoAMPS products allow for easy configuration and customization significantly reducing the cost required for any organization to implement our solutions. rnrngeoAMPS products provide complete coverage on all key business processes including but not limited to: rnEstimation, acquisition, negotiation, surveying, title, appraisal, legal, documents management, relocation, recording, payments, project management, lease, reporting, research and due diligence. rn