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Connect Ohio




Connect Ohio is a nonprofit, technology-neutral public-private partnership that works with telecommunications providers, business and community leaders, information technology companies, researchers, public agencies, libraries and universities in an effort to help extend affordable high-speed Internet service to every Ohio household.rnrnConnect Ohio is a comprehensive initiative that will improve broadband Internet access and dramatically increase the use of related technology. The program is the result of a partnership between the State of Ohio and Connected Nation, a national non-profit organization that specializes in increasing technology access and literacy. rnrnConnect Ohio works across all sectors of the state economy in partnership with telecommunications providers, information technology companies, public agencies, business leaders, community leaders, researchers and universities in an effort to meet specific goals, which include:rnrn•Affordable broadband availability for all of Ohio;rn•Dramatically improved use of computers and the Internet by all Ohioans;rn•Local technology planning teams that include every Ohio community;rn•A meaningful Internet presence in all Ohio communities, to improve citizen services and promote economic development through e-government, virtual education and e-health solutions; andrn•A policy and regulatory framework that encourages continued investment in communications and information technologies year after year.rnrn