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Check out Aspen Energy Corporation, Headquartered in Dublin


The News

See Columbus 2020 Press Release

Aspen Energy Corporation is growing, and rather than moving anywhere else, they’ve decided to stay right here in Dublin. They’ll be adding around 45 jobs over the next few years – in a fun, fast-paced environment.

Aspen Energy Corporation is one of the oldest and largest energy consultation firms in the nation, representing more than 16 of the most reputable energy suppliers in North America. The company has accumulated a client base of more than 14,000 commercial and industrial clients since 2000, helping them to save an average of 20 percent on their energy bills. For more information, visit

What do People at Aspen Energy Company do?

People working at Aspen Energy Company work with regular people, and businesses, helping them make sure they’re getting the best deal on energy prices. They have conversations with their customers and energy companies in order to buy the best energy “package” that provides savings for the customer. To do that, they have to learn about their customer’s needs – how much energy they use, and how, how much they want to spend – and then figure out how to meet those needs, or, work out a deal that’s even better than the customer wants. So it involves a lot of talking, and negotiating. In the end, the goal is to end up with everyone involved feeling good about the deal.

A lot of different people work together to make sure that customers get the best deals. Not only does someone have to talk directly with the customer to make the deal, but Aspen Energy relies on people behind the scenes to find all that accurate information – or, shop around, in other words (See Business Intelligence Analysts and Market Research Analysts). There are also people to answer direct questions by customers, or take care of all the details once a deal is reached (See Customer Service Representatives).

Spotlight: Sales Representatives

People who work as sales representatives can do a lot of different jobs because of their experience working with different types of people. And every business needs people who can take care of the conversations between customers and suppliers, so learning these skills sets people up for a bright job outlook. Sometimes they’re called: Account Executives, Account Managers, Outside Sales, Outside Sales Representative, Sales, Sales Consultant, Sales Director, Sales Rep, Sales Representative, Salesman. More information about these types of jobs found here.