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All Roads Lead to Columbus?

Or, all roads stem from Columbus.¬†That’s what most companies find: Columbus’ proximity to the rest of the country is a huge win for us. Companies want to be here because they can ship their products quickly and efficiently from Columbus. If stuff isn’t heading out on planes or in trains, it’s heading out in a truck. And even if does end up on a train or in a plane, it was probably on a truck at some point.

Columbus 2020 Press Release

A company based in Minnesota has set up shop here in Columbus, and likes it so much here that it’s doubling its business here with $3.5 Million dollars. Over the next few years, they’ll be hiring drivers, office personnel, mechanics and logistics staff – but mostly Logistics staff.


Figuring out the best way to move products is usually called “Logistics” in the business world. People who have that type of insight are in high demand here in Columbus – since we’re a hub for companies that distribute products all over the world. Real world experience goes a long way in this occupation: sometimes people study topics like Logistics in college, but also, people find great promotion opportunities just through hard work and staying with the job. Sometimes people start as assistants in the office, or sometimes they start in the warehouse, or even on the road, as drivers.

Based on how many years someone has had on the job, they might have roles like Logistics Analysts (usually entry-level, sometimes training is needed), Logistics Managers (several years), Logistics Engineers (usually lots of experience and training, or Logisticians (usually lots of experience and training).

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Companies that also distribute their goods need people to actually take care of that process. Usually, these companies run like a well-oiled machine, with stations and procedures to get all the products out the door on time, every time. People who handle this pay attention to detail, and care about the end outcome – that their assigned products get where they need to go. Often, people who start out taking care of the actual product learn the process well enough to supervise teams of people, and even more processes – like other products, or, figuring out how to get even better at distributing their company’s products.